Audible Memory : The Unreleased '01​-​'07

by Velapene Screen

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Velapene Screen’s Widely anticipated Velavator is due for its release on Low Res Records this summer 2011
Sill I felt an impatience come over me that i know i was sharing with numerous other die hard Velapene fans. I had to ask Chris,”What about the other tracks, the ones Ive seen you perform, heard on the radio and around the internet over the last 5 or so yrs ? There were some real Gems in there.

Handpicked songs spanning From one year before his debut , “Velatsion”(,2003) ,up to and past his full length production “Medical Breaths”(FEM 2004)

Following the release of Medical Breaths, Velapene began booking shows from coast to coast . His live performances stirred up a good amount of noise in a hurry. Chris’ dynamic music and undeniable stage presence earned him more than modest bit of attention , going on to win 2 laptop battles in 2 separate states scoring him an appearance in Rolling Stone

. If you have ever met Ghiraldi you would know that he is one of a kind, . Full of personality and a witty humour. His seemingly endless drive and creativity are driving forces much to be admired.

Within seconds it becomes clear to me how Chris was spending alot of his time. He was on a constant mission to reinvent his own process, knowing full well that this way he would be forced to rethink and rebuild, but be flooded with new ideas. The outcome : a unique path and original piece of music which is both emotionally charged and detailed.

To some, this level of deconstruction is plain insanty. Yet, Chris walks this rope like a pro . Excited by the sheer amount of options, he dives right in.
Thes a wait is nearly over , The buzz around “Velavator:” is now audible .

Velapene Screen treats his craft with a purity and purpose, and has developed a sublime sense of maturity and understanding that allows him see his process as an evolution, not a means to an end.
Enjoy AUDIBLE MEMORY Volume 1! :The Unreleased

Velapene Screen
Out soon on Low Res


released April 28, 2011

Programming, editing, Composition,drinking of beverages, Live Instrumentation,Quesitionable Desicion Making, Process Deconstruction , Volume Control and and Sound Awareness-Chris Ghiraldi



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