Velatision (Co​.​ad​.​audio)

by Velapene Screen

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Igloo Mag

Fresh off of a glorious introduction through the Crash Redevelopment compilation, Brooklyn’s Co.Ad label offers their latest slice of electronics by Velapene Screen (a.k.a. Chris Ghiraldi). On this 6-track EP Velapene Screen delivers a left-of-centre vibe that trickles down a digital rainforest of sound. “Make No Tea” is a classic example of this formula; confused beats run rampant alongside skewed rhythms while transparent melodies appear out of the fog. Abstract shapes and sounds can be easily found elsewhere on Velatision; “Ghosto” blends experimental percussion with a playful melodic groove while “Fran Bites” cascades across the windscreen with its click-hop pulse and perpetual digital scratching. Velapene Screen’s addiction to erratic audio oddities is more than likely a result of his day job as a Pro Audio Editing technician for labels such as Ministry of Sound, London/Sire and Paramount Pictures to name a few. “MEOW MEANS Yes and No” triggers a relaxed downbeat groove with its piano overtones versus crisp percussive production. “Winter’s Backbone Has Caution Tape Around It” would work extremely well next to artists like Machine Drum (Merck) and Prefuse 73 (Warp); Its funky digital groove bends and morphs subtle vocal samples and ambient undercurrents as it progresses through its five and half minute duration.

The result, you ask? Velatision stands alone as an entity composed of tethered wires and malfunctioning robotic machines. Its visceral electronic outer-shell is only a slight representation of the multitude of sounds contained within. Prepare yourself for an exponential audio assault of crackling rhythms as Velatision is set for lift-off.


released September 23, 2003



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Track Name: Meow Means Yes And No